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5 Tips For Capturing The Best Images of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is among the most photographed natural sites in the World.  Page upon page of stunning and (not so glorious images) can be found with a simple search phrase online.  Once you’ve decided which of our Niagara Falls sightseeing tours suits your stay, pack these photography tips in your bag to help capture the breathtaking moments at their best.

We’ll begin by prefacing that these tips are based on our experiences of photographing Niagara Falls, we will leave the advanced references about shutter speeds and aperture to aNiagara Falls Cloudy Dayprofessional photographer. These are the basic elements to help you capture your experience.


Weather Sets The Scene

Unless you book your tour last minute (which we don’t suggest due to demand) then weather will always be a gamble.  We have found that an ideal day is with blue sky and some clouds which provides a balanced scene and can help with contrast for a sharper image. However, don’t despair if the day of your Niagara Falls bus tour ends up being overcast, days like this can add drama to the shot.


All About The Angle

Look for a location that offers the best angle of the Falls; a journey to the base of the Falls aboard Niagara City Cruises (included in our Niagara Falls Best Tours) gives you an angle that can’t be matched on shore-water drops on the lens from the mist just adds to the effect. Tip; we’ve seen visitors use clear zippered sandwich bags held tightly over the lens, but generally taking shots as you head into or away from the Falls and then protecting your phone or camera from the mist under your rain poncho (and souvenir!) is the best bet.


Add an Interesting Element

Whether it’s by adding to the subject or framing the shot; a bird might fly into view or pose on a rock, the stone rockface and greenery, the intricate railings along the Falls,

bedrock tunnel at Journey Behind the Falls all make for a great shot with the curtain of water in the background. A popular choice is the boardwalk at

White Water Walk (bonus passes are included in our Niagara Falls Scenic tour) for a shot of the famed Niagara river rapids.

Niagara Falls Sunny Day Zipline


Timing is Key

Depending on the mood you want to set, time of day is important. Our day tours of Niagara Falls depart by 10:30 in the morning so if you want to capture the sunrise then you may have to set your alarm and head out before your tour, or after for the pastels of the sunset, nightly illumination, or fireworks displays. But with two different durations, there is a tour that will fit your schedule.



Art is subjective and if you find that your shots are less than social feed worthy try adding a filter readily available on your social platform. One of our favourites on Instagram is X-Pro II, or for a dramatic turn dip into black and white with Inkwell. Instagram even has advanced effects that let you blur, adjust contrast, add warmth, play with structure, brighten, darken shadows and the list goes on. A bad shot no longer exists with some creative touch-ups.

We hope these tips help to create a stunning gallery of images as you tour Niagara Falls’ top attractions and some of the best photo opportunities in Niagara Falls with us.


Tag us when you share the images you capture on your Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tour, we would love to see them and we may share them on our social feeds! Instagram @tourniagara and Facebook MagnificentNiagaraFallsTours