Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls

You can get an up, close and personal look at the Horseshoe Falls at the Journey Behind the Falls, a featured attraction featured on multiple Magnificent Tours of Niagara Falls Scenic Tours. Guests will be transported to this (and other) locations via a luxury tour bus, receiving VIP access to the attraction.

About Journey Behind the Falls

Watch the mighty waters come tumbling down from above with a deafening sound. Feel the spray of the majestic white waters fall on you as you stand just a few feet away. It is sure to leave you awestruck. Prior to the tour, raincoats are provided as the waters cascading down will shower you with mist. The tour begins when an elevator takes you down 150 feet to short tunnels directly behind the massive falls. The tunnels are wide and well-lit, allowing you to make your way around the area with ease. The attraction visits tunnels that contain the Cataract Portal and Great Falls Portal. As you approach the portals, you will first hear the thundering sound and then see the mighty falls gushing down through small openings. Earlier, visitors could go very close to this opening but keeping security in mind, views are now available from a safe distance. As you make your way around the tunnels, there are information panels which help you to understand Niagara Falls better.

Observation Decks

From here, the next stop is at the observation decks. There are two decks – the upper and lower observation decks, from where you can get a complete view of the Horseshoe Falls as they come crashing down on the right side of the decks. The upper deck offers you a view at a slightly higher level and enables you to take photographs without getting wet. The real fun is when you go down to the lower deck which is out in the open and as close to the falls as possible. Here’s where your raincoat comes handy as you are within a few feet of the falls with a giant load of fresh water coming down from a height of 173 feet. You are bound to get wet here and it’s also where your waterproof camera can click some amazing photos and videos.

Unique Perspective

This attraction is open all-year round. During spring and summer, the Horseshoe Falls are at its maximum water capacity. On a clear, sunny day, you can also catch a beautiful rainbow across the falls. Fall is also a nice time to visit this attraction while winters offer a different perspective with the snow-covered landscape and waters cascading down to the river below.

The Journey Behind the Falls attraction is the closest that you can get to the Horseshoe Falls while on land, and is one of the best places to visit while in Niagara Falls. Take advantage of Magnificent Tours of Niagara Falls VIP front of the line access by booking a tour today!


Journey Behind the Falls
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